Speaking and Workshops

1) The 6 Principles of Sun Tzu and the Art of Business


Level One - Keynote

The best way to introduce a large group to the principles of Sun Tzu is with a keynote. The Sun Tzu and the Art of Business keynote overviews the Six Principles that Mark developed based on, Sun Tzu and the Art of Business. Mark uses The Art of War, military illustrations and insightful business examples.

Mark has presented to thousands of people in the U.S., Europe and Asia, including 3M, IBM, Royal Bank of Scotland, Tennessee Valley Authority, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, and the US Air Force Command and Staff College.

This is an excellent way to shift a team's thinking so they can compete and win. 

Level Two - Train Your Team

An excellent way for your team to gain a deep understanding of Mark's Six Principles is with a workshop. With half-day to full-day training sessions for up to 30 employees, these sessions provide unparalleled insight into Sun Tzu’s principles as applied to business. The workshop overviews the six principles, then explores each in depth. In addition to insightful business and military examples, Mark relies on fun and challenging exercises and discussion. 

Gain new ways to think and compete, along with a process to follow to build a strategy based on Sun Tzu’s principles. Mark's workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs of your team.

2) Sun Tzu for Women: Using the Art of War to Gain a Competitive Advantage


Based on her bookSun Tzu for Women, Becky's keynotes and workshops educate and inspire women in corporations, business groups, government agencies and nonprofits to take full advantage of their careers. Sharing relevant and current research, Becky brings a fresh presentation against an intriguing backdrop of timeless strategy. 

Level One - Keynote: Find Your Competitive Advantage
This dynamic and eye-opening presentation highlights pitfalls and success attributes within the inspiring and empowering context of The Art of War. Women come away with new insight into their competitive advantages, and how to use them to catapult their careers.

Level Two -The Competitive Advantage Workshop

This is a deep and personalized dive into common pitfalls and attributes, helping every woman to take control of her career with a detailed self assessment and meaningful time for small group and open discussion. 

3) Art of War Executive Workshops


Does your organization need a fresh strategic approach so your leadership can help guide you to seize the advantage?

Battlefields change. Competitive landscapes change. Markets shift. Companies that adapt and execute based on proven and sound strategy win.

Sun Tzu Strategies' Art of War Executive Workshops are an intense, customized two day, strategy-building session for up to 10 executives/managers. The Workshop is an in-depth introduction to the Six Principles as applied to business, and assists you in developing a strategy built on those principles. At the end of the workshop you and your leadership team will leave invigorated, excited and, most importantly, hold a draft strategy or set of strategic options on which to build.

4) The Art of War for Small Business - Dominate the Competition


The Art of War was written to enable a smaller force to overtake larger, better equipped adversaries. This keynote is designed to enable small businesses or businesses in highly competitive spaces to do just that.

This keynote is based on The Art of War for Small Business, the first book to apply Sun Tzu's wisdom to the small business arena. Each keynote is customized to the business and/or industry of the audience so that the most impactful and applicable of Sun Tzu's principles are highlighted.

Big companies may deploy overwhelming forces, but small companies can outsmart, outmaneuver, and outstrategize larger adversaries to capture crucial sectors, serve unmet needs, and emerge victorious.



Our prices reflect industry standard rates and standard travel fees. Our keynotes and workshops are of the greatest impact when we're able to customize them to your challenges, opportunities and market conditions.

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